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You Alone a song of hear-felt worship and seeking God all the way.

Song inspiration based on Hebrews 11:6, Proverbs 28:5 & Psalm 43:10. It is not the first song I have written, but it is the first of my songs to be produced and published, with a Christian Rock/CCM genre.

You can download via NoiseTrade.

Song lyrics:

Verse 1
Seeking you is all I want to do
Lord, I’m seeking you
Everyday, with everything I have
Lord, I’m seeking you

You alone will I seek in the morning
You alone will I seek with all I have
You alone will I seek every moment
You alone will I seek with all my strength
You alone will I seek everyday
You alone
You alone

Verse 2
The words you speak, they are spirit and life
Changing my life everyday
Lord your grace, your mercy and your love
They fill my life afresh, each day

[Repeat Chorus]

In you I find my strength,
In you I find my peace,
In you I find my joy.
In you I will delight,
In you I will rejoice,
You are my everything.

[Repeat Chorus]
You alone…
You alone…

Thank you for downloading the song and sharing the link. I pray this songs blesses you every time you listen to it.


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