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By Tommy Tush.

This is for Pastors, Music and Choir Directors and Music team members who desire growth and change.

Building excellent and effective music teams is a great task. Not everyone has done or can do this. A lot of people can join or lead a team after everything is rosy. Not everyone has the Patience and skill to build from ground up. When people see that a choir is nor yet set they run away to a choir that’s already built and has everything going. The work it entails send many running away. Anything worth having is worth building. Anything that will last must be well constructed. They way you build determines how long you will last.

One thing you must do early enough is to create a picture of what you want your choir to be. Write down the vision and make it plain. That vision mist be compelling enough and worth sacrificing for. Do not put vague parameters in the vision. While training some MDs recently I asked what the vision for their choir was and I heard lots of very high sounding spiritual deep words that even the MDs couldn’t measure. Someone said they are building a choir that will bring down the glory of GOD and then I asked what does the glory mean and how will they know the glory has come and they couldn’t define it.

Anything you can’t define, you can’t achieve. Do not build your choir based on another choir you saw on YouTube. Do not build with a template of another church in your city. Each choir must be seen as a Artiste. You’re significantly different. Define your target audience as a team. Define what you want to achieve that will stand you out. Don’t start building a choir by getting people together or curating hit songs. An excellent choir is nor built with popular or hit songs. It begins with a vision. A mission. Parameters that stand out and are well defined.

Tommy Tush
Music Consultant, Artiste and Mayor of HEMEDY Music City

The Tall MD wey dey worry Music.

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