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By Tommy Tush.

Not all MDs can build an excellent team. Some can build and run it. Some have never built one but have been part of running it. Almost 100% of the time anyone who can build an excellent and effective team can as well run it. almost 100% of the time. This is why- once you know how you got to a place you know what should be done to maintain that status. Many have been handed a great choir and because they never built one, they didn’t know the protocol of excellence and greatness so in few years they messed it up. Some can build a just OK team or an ordinary team. But you see an excellent team requires more work and skill.

This is why I tell people never to escape a place of responsibility and work. At times destiny will put you in a church, city or space where things are rough and raw musically. You practically have to build everything and everyone. What you’re seeing around you is below you so you have to downgrade yourself. You wish you had stars in your choir but the people you have don’t even look like they are serious.  You can see your friends who don’t know as much as you doing fly in some more sophisticated settings because someone else had built the music and they just entered into another persons harvest. Don’t envy them.

You’re better than them because if they leave that place they can only thrive in a similar terrain. They lack the skills of building and sustaining excellence. People like that can’t work with rough hands. When you see yourself in a place where all you have is bush to clear before laying foundation and building that Choir, don’t run. Its lot of work but don’t run. My music muscles have been built in such places. That’s where I learnt many things. My CV is filled with building teams from scratch to excellence. And I’m still doing this.

This is a word to someone who is contemplating leaving their current address. STAY. Some of you need to leave. But those people who need to stay will know when they read this post.

Tommy Tush
Music consultant, Artiste and Mayor of HEMEDY Music City.

The Tall MD wey dey worry music.

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