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A call to Ministry via music is a call to persecution, trials and troubles. Its a call to battles that look uncalled for, unwarranted, battles you did nothing to attract. We don’t love saying much about this but its the raw truth. We usually talk about the fame and fortune that music ministry could bring but we seldom talk about the dark nights and the Stormy waters.

The anointing on the music ministers life will attract arrows, haters and even the devil will be angry at such glorious destiny and will come for you. I’m not trying to scare you. Its the truth and if you’re in music you should know this by now.

The higher you go, the more your impact and influence grows, then the more visible you are to principalities and powers. They start noticing you because a star is shining and that is when you will face battles. The battles are not meant to destroy you. Its a test to grow your muscles. There’s victory assured if you know how to stand in Faith and hold your ground.

When you pray for visibility, spotlight and blowing, please understand that it comes with a higher level of consecration and fights

The aim of the devil is to distract you from your assignment so you can’t focus on it. We usually call it Life Happening. The battle can be on your home. Delay in marriage, in having kids, financial battles, discouragement, hurts and betrayals, unfulfilled expectations, martial storms. The list is endless. These things happen to all but when there’s a unique assignment on your life, your case can be special. No one throws stones or pokes a tree without fruits.

This is why you must know who you are IN CHRIST and keep affirming it. Maintain a strong prayer life and do not give the enemy space. WHEN he comes, don’t be jelly. Resist it. Allow nothing take away your focus from your ministry. Don’t be discouraged by those battles. Its part of the package. The disciple must bear his cross. Do not expect a easy journey. You will land well but not without a fight. The people before you have fought theirs, I’ve fought and still fighting mine. You will fight yours. We keep fighting. But the joy is that we fight from victory.

Keep this in mind my fellow Ministers. Do Normal- be confounded or dismayed. The visions you saw will happen before your eyes.

By Tommy Tush.

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