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It’s that season of the year again; Easter is here again. It’s the season when a lot of folks love to spend time with their loved ones and enjoy themselves, similar to the Christmas season. But just like the Christmas season, the partying and celebrations overshadow the true essence of this season.

It’s not a season of Easter bunnies & eggs, it’s not a season to watch the latest movies in cinemas, and it’s not a season to just go on a vacation. It’s a season to remind ourselves of the love of God and awesome sacrifice that Jesus Christ paid for us, the victory he has won for us, and the liberty and authority he has given us, and we should let the people around us experience it by extension. Without Jesus Christ this season is irrelevant – it would be nonexistent.

The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John cover this historical event, specifically Matt. 26:30-28:20, Mark 14:32-16:20, Luke 22:39-24:49, and John 18-20.

It’s not only a season of sober reflection because of the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus, but it’s also a season of excitement and thanksgiving, because of the victory, liberty, authority and power that we have through Jesus. And one of the best ways to thoroughly enjoy this season and also experience God’s loving and powerful presence is with music that truly encompasses the essence of this season; Jesus suffered, was crucified, bled and  died, was resurrected, and has given us liberty, victory, authority and power in heaven and on earth.

We are new creations in Christ…sons of God the Father. HALLELUJAH!!


Here are a few worship songs that can help re-emphasize the true essence of Easter in your congregational worship.

Just For Me – Donnie McClurkin : Live Video | Lyric Video

Above All – Lenny LeBlanc; Paul Baloche : Lyric Video

Love So High – Hillsong : Live Video with Lyrics

Overcame – Jeremy Camp : Live Video

Grace Abounds – Hillsong : Live Video with Lyrics

In Christ Alone – Stuart Townend : Lyric Video

Here is also a powerful, inspirational video about Jesus that you would find very useful.

That’s My King, Do You Know Him? (Dr. S.M. Lockridge) [OFFICIAL VIDEO] : Inspirational Video

You may very well add to this list or have something altogether different, but let your praise and worship songs help your congregation to reflect on the wonderful work of Jesus this Easter season. You can find more videos on YouTube.com or GodTube.com to help you with relevant songs and inspirational videos.

Special Event!

You can also organise a special Hymnal service, asides your regular Sunday morning service, where the church gets to sing hymns and worship songs that will re-emphasize the essence of Easter, for about 3-4 hours. I was once in a church where we had hymnal service on Easter Sunday morning, for 3 hours+; singing ancient and modern hymns and classical songs all through. We would have a full orchestra, organ, piano and other musical instruments, and it was always a very pleasant experience.

That would be all for now…. Do have a blessed Easter experience!

To help each other out, it would be a great idea if you can share some other worship songs and hymns that can help a worship team re-emphasize the essence of Easter in the comments below.



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