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This is a call to all those who have gone astray!

If you abandon the faith – Kingdom of God, the ways of Jesus Christ – because of how church leadership or folks treated you in the past, and go into the ways of the world – the lust of the flesh, lust of money, debauchery, etc; I pray you find your way back like the prodigal son before it’s too late.

People can treat you badly, even anointed ministers of God – pastors, prophets, evangelists, apostles, general overseers – but by the standard of God, it will never justify your action to abandon the faith. You are still solely responsible for your life and your actions.

Your identity and responsibility is solely in Jesus Christ, not in church structures/systems/doctrines. If you leave the church systems, don’t leave God’s ways. If your ways are no longer in line with the ways of Jesus Christ, you have abandoned the faith and like the prodigal son, you need to come back home to the Father, before it’s too late.

Returning to the Father isn’t about going back to church systems, it’s about returning to Jesus and following the true ways of Jesus Christ, and people must see and testify to it.

I’m saying this particularly because of those who were once choristers/worship leaders in church, but abandoned that and went into secular music in order to be rich and famous or to prove a point, and have joined the league of those who are polluting the media and consequently corrupting the lives of many with debase music – lyrics and images – in order to make it big. ?????????????

God is watching you. The hosts of Heaven are watching you. The Devil and his fellow demons are monitoring you as well in order to do you arm.

I pray you return to the Jesus before it’s too late… Before it’s too late.


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