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Hello. I thought to share this with you.

Notes I made while under the teaching of Dr. Mensah Otabil’s at the Accelerate Conference 2017, organised by The Elevation Church, Lekki, Lagos. The content will help you give thought to the season you are in.

Text: Gen. 3:8-9

1. The Stages of Life.
2. The Cycles of Life.

1. The Stages of Life.

At every stage in life, you’re either a child, an adult or an elder.
In childhood stage, you always need help. At adult stage, you are looking to be independent or do things yourself. At elder stage, you focus on legacy. Heb. 5:12.

2. The Cycles of Life. Gen. 8:21-22.

There are six cycles of life.

1. Seed-time (Sowing season).

A time of sacrifice. This is where you sow, sacrifice, invest and dig deep. Here, you are focused on looking for opportunities and not rewards.

2. Harvest season.

A time of reaping. This is were you eventually reap all the seeds you have sown in the past. The season were you recover all.

3. Cold (Winter season).

This is the time of dryness, loneliness and rejection. Everything seems dead and you feel like nothing is working. Just like regular winter season were the trees shed all their leaves and it looks lifeless.

4. Heat (Summer season).

A time of joy. This is the bright period of your life. Everything is happy and joyful, even if things are not working out as great as you desire, you find yourself still happy and excited.

5. Night season.

A time you are unnoticed. A time of dreams. This is the dark period. Where you go unnoticed regardless of all your hard work. This is also where you have dreams and aspirations build up in your heart. It’s usually hazy and you don’t see clearly because everything is dark around you.

6. Day season.

A time of light and exposure. It can bring you reward and enemies. Enemies notice you in the day season. This is the time when light, exposure and recognition comes upon you. Finally, everything changes around you and starts working. Your dreams from the night season can now be fulfilled. This is also the season that attracts haters, because now there’s a lot of light around you and you are exposed and noticeable.

No season of life is a disadvantage or a curse, but a blessing. Gen. 16:6-11, Gen. 28:10-12, Gen. 32:22-31.

This explains why sometimes it seems everything is working for our friends but nothing is happening for us. It is simply a function of the different seasons we are in as individuals.

We must ensure to recognise the seasons we are in and walk with God in those seasons, because all seasons were designed by God for a purpose.
Fasting and praying will not change your season, because that season was purposed for your very good.

Question is, in what season and what stage are you?


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