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We thank God for Nigeria. For keeping Nigeria from wars and destruction in spite all that has happened in this nation. For making Nigeria relatively peaceful and with hope of better tomorrow.

Righteousness exalts a nation, that Bible says. And it has been prophesied that Nigeria will be a nation of righteousness. Therefore, we pray that God almighty will help us to raise men and woman of righteousness and competence, who will take over the governmental leadership of Nigeria at federal and state levels, and lead Nigeria into her prophetic destiny and prophesied by men of God from years past.

We pray God blesses Nigeria with righteous leaders in every government institution and parastatal. May the children of God in every sector of the economy arise and begin to work together for the purposes of God’s kingdom in Nigeria.

We pray that all the wicked, corrupt politicians in government will be eradicated. Totally flushed out of leadership positions in the federal government, so people of righteousness can work together to lead Nigeria in the path of peace and prosperity, to the glory of God almighty and the betterment of Nigerians.

We pray that every operation of killings and kidnappings, especially in the northern parts of Nigeria, will be exposed, frustrated and destroyed, and forever wiped out of Nigeria. May all perpetrators and sponsors be exposed, capture and prosecuted in courts for justice.

We pray the righteousness of God will spread through every state and every community in Nigeria, and there will be righteousness and justice and prosperity in every state in Nigeria.

We pray the blessings of God almighty will rest upon Nigeria and cause Nigerians to prosper in every good way, and Nigerians will be God’s models to the world of what it is for a people to be righteous, and to be blessed by God almighty.

Thank you Lord God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for answering these prayers. Let your name be forever glorified in this nation till the Lord Jesus Christ returns.

We pray and receive with thanksgiving in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN.


Happy 63rd Independence Day Nigeria!

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