Have you ever thought of it?!

That, when we stand before God in the midst of the congregation of the believers to lead a session praise/worship, the first thing that comes into question is the ‘living sacrifice’ that you are. That is, how have you been living your life up until that time? (Rom 12:1)

As a growing worship leader I have found out that worship is fundamental the life that we live every minute, every day with reverence to God. How does our spiritual values, cultural values, societal values, et al align with the word of God, and how is it transforming our lives?

As a worship leader, you can’t afford to live your life carelessly with your words, your actions, your thoughts, your associates and every facet of your life; like it doesn’t matter what you do in all of that, and then you come to sing songs of praise and worship to God when you have no reverence for him with your entire life. It’s like hypocrisy.

God is more concerned about your personal relationship with him, and it is this relationship that finds expression in the way you live your life. And it is this life of yours that has become so available and focused on God all the time, that is presented to Him even in the congregation of believers.

A Living Sacrifice…(Rom 12:1).

Think about it, if you live your life filled with sinful habits and disobedience to the word of God, God will not accept such a sacrifice. It is an abomination to Him.

In Conclusion:

Coming before God in praise/worship is like a vessel carrying water. A contaminated vessel will taint the water and both the vessel and the water will be rejected. But a clean vessel with clean water will be accepted. (2 Tm. 2:20-21)

As worship leaders, let us consciously work to present ourselves as a living sacrifice (Rom 12:1).

God bless you!


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