A few weeks ago, I was having a chat with two other like-minded worship leaders in preparation for a special apostolic & prophetic event being organised by Hephzibah House of Prayer. And in the course of our discussion we started talking about the need to be careful not to draw attention to ourselves in the place of praise & worship, because it seems a lot of people are doing that in and outside the church environment, a perfect example was Beyonce’s perfomance at the SuperBowl. Which it’s reviews can be seen on Youtube, of how the demon in her was been worshipped with people hands up, when she stopped singing for a while.

Lucifer was the first worship leader in heaven, at a time, but he suddenly wanted worship too, with the desire to establish his own throne. And now a lot of us worship leaders, singers and many children of God are falling prey of such desires and we seem not to be putting it in check. A lot of Christians write songs in order to win awards, make hits, make sales, et al, and abandoning the purpose and plans of God.

So I came to a gradual conclusion, and I also prayed, that the Holy Spirit will not let me sing or write a song he has not given me to sing or write. I don’t want to be in danger of thirsting for the glory that belongs of God or standing in the way of God plan & purpose or being distracted from what I should be doing as a ‘light to the world’ and ‘salt of the earth’ (Matt. 5:13-16).

So here came this Sunday afternoon (21st April), the launching of a fellow chorister’s new album, and myself and another worship leader were given a slot to sing. We had thought of several songs to sing, but our conclusion was that we would sing a song of worship and sing one of our songs each. But in the preparation for the event, my spirit was really sitting on any song. And I thought to myself severally, how can I not have a song I’m okay with out of all the songs the Holy Spirit has helped me to write.

Has it turned out in the event, time was not well managed, and when it came to our time to sing, we decided we would just lead worship for a few minutes instead and leave out our composed songs. My friend led the worship and I was with the back-ups with my acoustic guitar, and we led worship for a while and that was it.

Prior to the event, a fellow believer from the prayer department had told us God wants to hear our worship. And my friend had said before that God didn’t want him to sing a particular song, but because he didn’t know what else to sing he was going to sing it, anyway. But thank God he had his way.

Suddenly, everything just made sense… God didn’t want us to sing our written songs. He just wanted us to lead people to worship him with familiar songs, and His name glorified.

In Conclusion:

As worship leaders, we are assigned by God to sing and lead praise/worship for His glory and purposes, not ours. As far as glory is concerned, God handles that (Rom 8:30).

I honestly pray for myself and for you reading this, and for other worship leaders, that by the great grace of God our singing/songs will always be God-focused and not self-focused, in Jesus name. AMEN!!!


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