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By Tommy Tush.

The Choice of a Music Team Director is a life changing one. When it comes to building an excellent and effective team, the head point decision is one you can’t toil with. I’ve seen many assemblies assign MDs based on how long the person has stayed within the system or how much the fellow gives and other emotional conditions. They forgo the real criteria to consider.

When choosing your Music Director, track record is very key. Many do not have a track record of building people or systems. They are music team hoppers. Once the grass is not green they leave. I said in earlier episodes that not everyone can BUILD. Many can only eat when things have been set. They can’t enter the kitchen. Many MDs can’t build. They can only work where others have built. Building an excellent team is work and the MD you’re choosing must understand the work and be ready to do it. He or she must be skilled in directing. They may not be the best singer or musician you have but their music mind and knowledge must be up to date and cutting edge. I didn’t say they are not good. They are but may not be your best. I’ll explain this later.

Such MD must have a plan, a game strategy.. Yes there will be tweaks along the way but you must have a solid plan in building that team. You must be ready to let others shine. Some MDs are competing with the people they should be raising. The MD MUST be able to teach and raise others not just be the one doing it all. This MD must have the time for the team. That someone is a music producer or an Artiste doesn’t mean they’ll have time for the choir. You must censor who you bring in and be sure they will have time to groom and raise the team. They must have great work ethics.

Not every great singer or musician can teach. The ability to teach is a paramount criteria in building a successful and excellent team. Don’t just use the available people. You will regret it. Don’t make lemonades out of lemons if you what you want is Orange Juice but you can only see lemons. Find your oranges. Many church music teams have been doomed from start because the first MD laid a wrong foundation. They chose someone who doesn’t have the right MD skills and the person set a wrong tone. Such a choir can be dealing with that faulty foundation for 20 years. God forbid.

Tommy Tush
Music Consultant, Artiste and Mayor of HEMEDY Music City

The Tall MD wey dey worry Music.

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