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The Covid 19 Lockdown has ushered a lot of events across the nations of the world. I strongly believe the body of Christ is in a time of revival. We need this revival.

On Thur. 26th March 2020, I had a dream in which God gave me a revival song, and woke up singing that song. Then I picked up my acoustic guitar and started singing it. It says…

This is Revival. I need Revival.
Let it flow, Let If Flow.

This is Revival. We need Revival.
Let it flow, Let If Flow.

A few days later I did this short acoustic video of the song on Instagram just to help get the message out.

I did not know the many events and things that will follow. But time and time again I have been reminded of that dream and the message of revival as many things have happened across the world. I have also read messages on social media from Christian worshipper and whatsapp worship groups about this being a season to spend time with God.

We are in a time in which many political leaders are confused, and even church leaders are scared of the corona virus (covid 19) spread and don’t know what God is saying, and don’t know what to do, and would rather have their church buildings closed. They don’t have the faith to pray and change anything, especially in the city of Lagos, Nigeria (some states in the U.S. too) where several pastors are against churches being allowed to open for gatherings. Their fear is greater than their faith because there’s no ffresh revelation.

Child of God this is the season for you to spend more time with God in worship, studying the Bible and praying. Pray in tongues and pray in understanding. Let your life be loaded with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Let God speak to you. Let your spirit and soul be filled to overflowing with revelations from the word of God.

We don’t know what is up ahead in months or years to come, but God knows. So, let him fill your life with His Spirit and power beyond comprehension. Have a stronger personal intimate relationship with your Heavenly Father. Let him transform and upgrade your spirit, soul and body and every sphere of your life in every way possible.

Don’t let this season pass you by. Don’t miss out on God’s transformation process this season. God wants to empower you for greater things. He wants to have a solid intimate relationship with you. He wants to fill your heart so you can truly live as a son of God on the earth just like Jesus Christ.

We are still in this season of revival. Personal revival. Spiritual revival. Make the best of it to the glory of God and for your own good. Spend time in personal fellowship with God.


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