Worship and Emotions

There’s the saying that women are more emotional than men. I beg to disagree though. I believe both are equally emotional, it’s just that what touches our emotions can be quite different from what touches that of the women. Everyday, men smile, laugh, get angry, get sad, get worried, express all kinds of feelings. Emotions! Go to a football viewing centre and see how people’s fathers, uncles and brothers are full of emotional expressions. Passionate. Aggressive. Lively.

I believe men are equally as emotional as women, but with respect to different things because of our varying desires.

One thing though is men hardly cry like women do when they feel hurt. I mean, ‘who cry epp?’ 😂 Even if a man would cry, he would soon rather channel his mind to addressing the issue that brought the hurt. In the Bible, king David and his men cried when their wives and children were captured as slaves. But later David realised crying won’t resolve the problem and had to “encourage himself in the Lord” and found a direction for solution.

So yes, men will hardly cry like women do when hurt or happy.

But I found something that can make a man cry without reason and really touch him emotionally. Presence! The presence of God.

Yes, God’s manifest presence can make a man cry in public, e.g. in a worship meeting. You will just be looking at him like 😳 kilode ó?! Warapun?! 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

The Father’s loving presence can do that to a man. The 1st time it happened to me, I was surprised. But now it doesn’t feel embarrassing anymore, because a son is allowed to cry before his Father anyway. And I remember my big bros, Mr. Deji Irawo mentioning it in a discussion, but I didn’t get it then. Now I gerrit! Anyone that is angry or surprised or confused, àwọn lo mọ (that’s their cup of tea).

It’s a Father-son relationship love expression. It might not happen all the time you’re in his presence ṣá. But anytime it happens to you, as a man, it’s absolutely fine. It’s a wonderful experience.

God’s loving presence can make you cry.


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